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    DGdesign is an online advertising agency focused on making your business as successful as possible.

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    We use SEO research to get into the psychology of what people want, then we give it to them via Internet and social media marketing.

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    We specialize in Internet marketing, social media marketing, and online advertising with Facebook ads.

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    Social media marketing is easy to track, so we can measure our impact on your sales and brand reputation.

    Work Examples

Internet Marketing How-to

Facebook Ad for Post Engagement

3 Effective Ways Small Businesses Can Advertise on Facebook

Facebook ads provide very effective and cheap way for small businesses to get more Facebook Page Likes, increase sales, and drive traffic to a website.

Facebook Ads Case Study

How Facebook Ads Increased Sales

Social Media Case Study: How Facebook Ads Can Increase Sales

We explain how we used Facebook Ads to increase sales without offering a discount, how to get one ad impression to generate multiple sales, and how to track sales back to advertising dollars.

Facebook Advertising How-to

Facebook Page Display Dropoff

How to Use Facebook Ads to Increase Organic Reach

When I saw Internet marketers writing complaints in mid-December about Facebook giving Pages less organic post reach in News Feeds, I didn’t know what they were talking about. My clients’ reach and interactions in December were as high as ever. I thought maybe this drop-off effect was only applying to the big brand Pages I [...]