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We want to make you our next success story! That's why we think creatively, customize solutions for every business, and treat your budget as if it is our own money.

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Marketing Services

We are a full-service marketing agency, which means whatever you need, we will get it done! The list below is not comprehensive, so please don't hesitate to ask if you don't see the service you're looking for.

Marketing Strategy

We want you to be as successful as possible, so we'll analyze your situation, evaluate all the options, and recommend a marketing strategy we think will get the most results for your goals.


We've created ads for nearly every online advertising platform that offers paid ads, including: Facebook, Instagram, Google search, YouTube videos, Spotify, and much more.


We started as a social media marketing agency, so we're pros at writing posts, creating images and videos, growing audiences, and managing social media communities.


Our founder was an influencer who received thousands of pitches and attended hundreds of PR/ media/ influencer events, so we know how to best identify, pitch, and work with influencers to generate sales and brand awareness.

Public Relations

Whether your brand has no reviews, negative reviews, or you want to be featured in the news, we know how to leverage PR to create a positive public image.

PRINT Marketing

If you need designs for printed business cards, product packaging, coupons, event flyers, etc., our founder has a Bachelors in Design and would be happy to help.


13+ Yrs. Experience

We were doing social media marketing before Instagram even existed and our founder was one of the first people in the world to become a Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate. Knowing the past helps us build a better future.

Free to CHOOSE

We feel it is not right to lock a new customer into a 3, 6, or 12-month contract before you even know if we're a good fit for you. That's why we offer fixed project contracts to start or monthly contracts with only a 2-month minimum.


We don't feel good about fudging numbers or hiding results with overly summarized reports. We'll show you the raw data and help you understand what it all means.


We respect your time and money, which means we'll respond to your messages clearly, completely, and quickly. No waiting days to get a half-answered email asking you to look up answers we could have found!


We believe marketing should pay for itself, so both your business and ours can be successful indefinitely. Magic happens when experiences and passions converge, so we seek to work with businesses who embody all of the following elements:

  • Products or experiences that can be photographed, such as objects, travel, dining, events, or classes
  • Consumer-targeted businesses, such as B2C, D2C, retail, eCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, or AirBnB businesses
  • Has a positive effect on people
  • Minimum marketing budget of $1,050 per standalone project or $900 per month for at least a 2-month contract

We've worked with businesses in many industries, so please don't hesitate to contact us for yours. However, we have extra experience in travel, restaurants, food, wine, spirits, tiny houses, campervans, vacation rental properties, and real estate.

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Profitable for 11 years 🤑

BYOB painting classes was a brand new concept hardly anyone knew existed in 2011. We helped the first franchised store in the United States create an audience, grow brand awareness, and increase sales from both new and repeat customers. Our ongoing marketing has helped this new business stay profitable for over 11 years, even surviving COVID lockdowns as a non-essential in-person experience business!

Effective influencers 📣

To generate long-term sales for a new product without spending any long-term time or money, we identified micro-influencers with highly relevant blogs and YouTube channels. We offered them a free product and small affiliate payment for each item sold through their affiliate links. Neither us nor the influencers have promoted their content in 2 years, yet their links continue to generate new sales to this day and accounted for 7.3% of all sales last year!

viral youtube video 🎥

We wrote, filmed, edited, and SEO-optimized a YouTube video for a small local business that didn't have a YouTube account until we created it. Our goal was to indefinitely generate free brand awareness, and this video has received over 798,000 organic views! It went viral thanks to spending 5 years ranked as the #3 YouTube search result for the popular SEO keywords we targeted.

Danielle Glick


DGdesign has been a 100% remote marketing agency since Danielle Glick founded it in 2010. While we were founded in the United States, we have helped English-speaking clients in many countries and time zones around the world.

Our approach is based on Danielle's thirteen years of marketing data and experience, behavioral insights from her previous career as a User Experience Designer, and design principles from her bachelors degree in Digital Design. Learn more about her unique skillset on LinkedIn.

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