Why Use Spotify Ads?

Increase Awareness in New Ways

EXPAND Your Reach

Tap into a new audience of potential customers, who may not be reachable with social media, email, or search, but do listen to Spotify.

Get your full message across

People HAVE to listen to your entire 30-second Spotify ad to continue listening to other content. This really sets Spotify apart from most other platforms that allow users to skip, fast forward, or scroll past ads.

Stand out from competitors

Almost all Spotify ads are from national brands, so local business ads really stand out and emanate an image of success!

Increase Traffic

All Spotify ads are clickable to open any web page you want to promote. Each ad also displays an image, your logo, business name, and call-to-action text.

Low Cost, High Value

free actor & Free Music

Spotify provides free voice actors AND free background music, so you no longer need to spend thousands of dollars to produce a radio ad!

Precise Targeting

Radio ads advertise to whole metro areas, but Spotify ads allow you to optimize your budget by targeting specific suburbs, ZIPs, demographics, and interests.

Low Risk

You'll always be in control of how much you spend because you can stop Spotify ads at any time and we don't lock people into multi-month contracts.

Low Maintenance

Unlike social media ads, you won't need to spend time or money constantly creating new content, monitoring, or responding to comments.


All ads below were written, directed, edited, and designed by us. Click to play each one in a new window. Listen to more of our work in our Spotify Ads Portfolio on YouTube.

Explore the range of possibilities: The first ad utilizes Spotify’s free voice actor and free background music. The second ad uses a song from our expanded music library, and we coached our client on how to create a quality recording of her own voice using her smartphone. The third ad features a song from our expanded music library, plus sound effects, and Danielle (our owner) as the voice actor.

All Spotify ads are clickable to open any web page you want to promote! Each ad includes up to 30 seconds of audio with a square logo, square image, and a few words of text, as seen here.

Why hire DG today?

Spotify ads provide one of the best values we've ever seen in our 13 years of marketing, yet it is still an underutilized ad platform— especially amongst small local businesses. This creates a huge opportunity gap for you to stand out!

When you hire DGdesign, you won't have to spend time learning Spotify's ad platform, wondering which settings to use, or how to get your audio sounding right. Our thirteen years of multimedia marketing experience allows you to take full advantage of Spotify ads from the start!

We believe our service and results speak for themselves, so we don't feel the need to lock anyone into a multi-month contract. Learn more about working with DGdesign and our founder's unique experience.

investment details

Ad Creative Services: Each Spotify Ad we create includes a concept meeting, recommended ad settings, graphic design for 1 square ad image, 1 square crop of your provided logo, copywriting for 1 ad script and on-screen ad text, and audio editing to optimize the voice track and mix it with a 30-second segment of your chosen song. For the voice actor and background music, you may choose any of these 5 combinations:

  1. Spotify's free voice actor + free background music: We provide creative direction to Spotify's actor, recommend a few songs from their free music library, and mix their voice and music tracks together= $350 includes all Ad Creative Services. Spotify's free actors are limited to 65-word scripts. You will not receive the commercial rights to reuse any part of this audio outside of Spotify. Some regulated industries are not eligible for Spotify's free services, so please ask us.
  2. Spotify's free voice actor + any song: Expand your music options to a library of 40,000 songs with commercial use rights for any platform. We pay for an annual subscription to this library, so you don't have to buy a whole subscription just to use 1 song. We’ll recommend a few songs, or you can browse the library= $440 includes all Ad Creative Services and commercial rights to use any part of the full song on any platform (but not Spotify's voice track or the final mixed track). Spotify's free actors are limited to 65-word scripts.
  3. Voice of yourself or anyone you know + any song: We'll coach you on how to create a quality recording using your phone= $440* includes all Ad Creative Services and any song from our music library (described above).
  4. Danielle's voice (voice samplemixed sample) + any song: Danielle will record your script with her voice= $500* includes all Ad Creative Services and any song from our music library (described above)
  5. Professional voice actor + any song: We'll recommend a few actors within your budget and direct their performance= $550* includes all Ad Creative Services and any song from our music library (described above) + TBD actor's fee.

*Spotify will not let you use their free music with a non-Spotify actor, so asterisked options include any song and the commercial rights to reuse your final audio mix, separate voice track, and any part of the full song on any platform, which could save you time and money in creating content for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. If you would prefer to use a song from somewhere else, you just need to secure the commercial rights to play it on Spotify.

Ongoing Monthly Services: includes weekly monitoring, optimizations, and monthly report analysis emailed to you= $150 per month.

Ongoing Ad Spend: We recommend a minimum of $300 per month, but have worked with budgets as low as $100 per month.

Total Investment: You get to choose how much to spend and can pause or stop your ads at any time. If you choose a $100 ad spend, then your total would be only $250 per month, plus the one-time cost of whichever Ad Creative Services you choose.

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