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If you’d like to see your Thinkific site turned into a custom branded template design with content you can edit, then you’ve come to the right Thinkific Expert!

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What We Can Do for You

You’re already an expert in what you do, so you don’t need to become an expert in Thinkific site design, too! We’ll quickly turn your Thinkific Site Builder theme into a custom branded template with content sections that should generate sales for your specific business. When we’re done, you’ll be able to swap our placeholder content with your own text, images, and videos. We can even show you how in a private training webinar.


We can mix and match these services to create a custom package for you:

Layout & Design
  • Apply your brand colors to be legible on all pages
  • Make your logo look good in the menu and favicon
  • Build sales web page template layouts that convert sales
  • Create the missing About Us, FAQ, and Contact pages
  • Customize navigation menus
  • Copywrite banners, headings, and buttons that sell
  • Mimic your existing site and link to it, so both sites feel like one
Setup & Consulting
  • Setup vanity URLs and redirects
  • Integrate third party apps
  • Teach you how to use Thinkific, so you won’t need to hire someone again!
  • Consulting brainstorms, site reviews, and Q&A sessions via Zoom
Who We Help

We’ve helped Thinkific businesses large and small, in many industries, with one course or dozens of courses and bundles. Whatever your time zone is, don’t hesitate to contact us because we work remotely all over the world at various times on most days of the week. We speak English, but we have edited sites in other languages. We’d just need your contact person to write us in English.

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Actual photo of how being a Thinkific course creator allows us to work from anywhere in the world!


Our Recommendations

Below are some related services we do not offer because we either don’t recommend you hire anyone to do them or believe someone else could do a better job (as noted below):

  • Custom code (You can’t receive new theme features and security upgrades without losing all custom code, so we do not recommend coding. You might be surprised what we can achieve without code!)
  • Copywrite or upload* your course content, paragraph descriptions, lists, or bios (No one knows your content as well as you do!)
  • Create your account for Thinkific or integrated apps (For security reasons, you need to do this.)

*If you have existing sales text, images, or videos you’d like to use, we can upload them for you as part of a custom package. However, it’d probably be best to hire us to show you how to do it. That way, if you ever need to edit text or update an image in the future, you won’t need to pay and wait on someone else to do it.

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Why Hire DGdesign?

1. Thinkific Experience: we’ve been a Thinkific course creator since 2016 and an official Thinkific Agency Partner since 2020.


2. Focus on Usability & Sales: we've analyzed thousands of Thinkific and other website usability recordings to discover what actually gets people to buy. We combine these findings with our years of experience in marketing, copywriting, information architecture, and a Bachelors degree in Digital Design to create Thinkific sites that sell.


3. Fast & Efficient: We believe in prompt and complete communications, so we can provide you with cost effective services and a quick turnaround.


A great service provider. She's prompt, informative, and clear in her communication. I'll be working with her again in the future, for sure!"

Laurie Steed Award-Winning Author

"Knows her stuff. Very professional and responsive. Will use again for sure."

Greg Shorland Disruptive Training

Brilliant at communicating with all our requests and executing them to a high standard. Would recommend to anyone building their website on Thinkific."


"Thanks for help with my Thinkific site. Your guidance was calm, clear and super-helpful!"

Marie Wattier Gain the Edge

"Quick, easy, my site looks amazing!"

Augusta Moses August Financials

Very responsive in answering my questions regarding my project. She turned the work around quickly."

Insurance Licensing 2 Go

Before & After Gallery

(See package features in the next section.)

Basic Site

This client had already inserted some text and just needed a better design and layout, which we matched to the design of their book cover.

Standard Site + Training

This site had multiple courses, but they bought our Standard package for only 1 course. Then they added training to learn how to replicate our design to their other courses— a smart way to save money!

Premium Site

This client used our smallest Premium Site package, which includes templates for two course landing pages instead of just the one included in our Standard package.

Premium Site + Integration

This client had already uploaded branded images and text, but got stuck on how to make it a cohesive design with template sections that made sense for them. In addition to our Premium package, we added 3 course landing pages, 2 custom pages, and a Mailchimp integration.

Standard Site + Content Upload

This client had us match the colors of their existing, non-Thinkific site and added an upgrade for us to insert text and images from their old site. This method allows you to replace your old site with Thinkific and reuse the same domain name.

Premium Site + Consulting

This complex Premium Site package included extra templates for 4 bundle landing pages, 8 course pages, and 1 extra page. We also consulted on how to add paid live webinars on specific dates.

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Basic Site

For creators with 1 course and no plans to add more.

  • Branded Theme: your colors, fonts, logo, and favicon in Site Builder
  • Redirect Home page to Course landing page
  • Template Page Layouts: 1 Course Landing page
$540 USD
Standard Site

For businesses with plans to add multiple courses or use Thinkific as their entire website.

  • Branded Theme: your colors, fonts, logo, and favicon in Site Builder
  • Custom Navigation Menus: Header & Footer
  • Template Page Layouts: 1 Course Landing page
  • Extra Template Page Layouts: Home, About, FAQ, and Contact
  • Copywrite sales text for banners, headings, and buttons
$750 USD
Premium Site

For businesses with multiple courses or bundles, who want every page templated for them.

  • Branded Theme: your colors, fonts, logo, and favicon in Site Builder
  • Custom Navigation Menus: Header & Footer
  • Template Page Layouts: for ALL Course & Bundle Landing pages
  • Extra Template Page Layouts: Home, About, FAQ, Contact, AND any other pages you need
  • Copywrite sales text for banners, headings, and buttons
  • Third Party App Integrations
Request a Quote

Custom packages are available upon request. Zoom webinar sessions are $150 USD per hour with a 1-hour minimum. All sites include general placeholder content unless otherwise specified in a custom package. Projects are usually completed a few days after we start working on them. Our packages do not include revisions, but you may hire us to make revisions as desired. We can accept any currency supported by Stripe.

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