Industries Served

B2C Businesses

We are open to working with any type of business because our approach to marketing applies to everyone; however, we are most experienced in helping B2C businesses related to food, drinks, travel, events, and art…

Restaurants, Bars, Wineries, & Food Stores

Restaurant MarketingOur Owner, Danielle, is best known online as “Dallas Foodie”. CBS-DFW named her as one of “10 Best DFW Foodies To Follow On Twitter”, and said, “Dallas Foodie is the number one food-spotting source in the area. This account tweets photos of beautiful food, luscious drinks, great food deals, interesting food events and engages in lots of fun food conversations.” Through this persona, Danielle networks with other food influencers and stays on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the DFW food industry. If you own a restaurant, bar, winery, food store, catering business, or organize a food event, then you need to hire us for your marketing.

Travel & Events

Travel Event MarketingDanielle has four years of experience as a travel and event planner for a travel group she founded online at She also has over a decade of solo and couples travel planning experience in the U.S. and abroad. As Dallas Foodie, she attends dozens of media events and festivals every year.

All of these experiences have given Danielle key insights into what it’s like to plan and attend many types of events and trips, how to influence the travel and event planner, and how to make sure attendees have a fun time without missing your marketing message. Events and trips provide brands with a captive audience of potential advocates, and we know how to capitalize on them like you’ve never seen before. Please contact us to learn how.

Art & Design

Arts Design MarketingDanielle has always been the artsy, crafty type. She graduated from a design college, where she was schooled on art history and the principles of design. Photography, architecture, and interior design are her favorite disciplines, but she enjoys fine arts enough to have spent a few days at the Louvre. Danielle currently dabbles in acrylic painting and takes food photos every day. If your business is related to the visual or performing arts, we understand your passion and would love to help grow your business.

*All photography and art on this page were created by Danielle Glick.